Günce / Balık Ekmek Teknesi

15 May 2021, Eda:

When the city of İstanbul and the culture shaped around the Bosphorus and Golden Horn is at focus, one cannot help but think about fish-sandwich boats.

It is a floating shop; with its grill, salad in the bucket, fish in trays, light bulbs that hang over these fish, bread in boxes, and a structure for shading. It used to have a simple look like the one in the drawing, and now in Eminönü you can see more fancy and kitsch versions; decorated with gilded metal domes, neon signboards, many many Turkish flags and anachronic ornamentation.

What if a fish-sandwich boat (the simple kind!) somehow found its way to Lake Luzern from İstanbul and its history? I imagine it would drop anchor near Schweizerhofquai where the crowd usually sits on the quay wall and eat while enjoying the lake view.

Luzern photos are taken by Eda Özgener and İstanbul images are from the archive of SALT Research and Google maps. We are continuing to roam in the archives and digital street views when İstanbul is still in curfew.