Günce / Kayalar

18 May 2021, Eda:

The thresholds between the land and the water are various; it could be natural, or a built wall, some steps, a console terrace, or brought in rocks. The last one is one of the most dominant approaches to the shore in İstanbul, in many “sahil”s (coast in Turkish) you can see that the border between the land and the sea is formed with the help of rocks and rubble. This is also the sign and result of a heavy demolition and excavation process that has been long going on in the city. Buildings are torn down and the land by the sea is filled with construction waste that is the sign of the harsh urban transformation process that the city is going through.

The habitants sometimes approach that “rocky” formation as an urban furniture, finding a convenient point to sit and enjoy the view of the sea. Sometimes these rocks are the most popular location to hang with friends, a romantic spot for lovers; they provide places where you can be secluded and observing a nice view.

In Luzern, there are also some shores that were filled with rocks, but it seems that the most dominant approach is to build a quay wall, steps, or a ramp. People use these elements with similar purposes; to sit, to hang, to enjoy the view.

Luzern photos by Eda, İstanbul photos by Dilara.