Günce / İskelede Sesler


16 June 2021, Dilara:

Welcome to the first video collage of our absurd exercises which tries to draw attention to the similarities and diversities of how Lucerne and İstanbul waterfronts live.

Sounds are quite significant in how we interact with places and after all how we remember them. For instance, when you are at a ferry port in İstanbul, the “akbil” sound is a really big part of the sounds around. “Akbil” is a card that we use for all public transportations in the city. It is just a standard card that includes its unique sound.

By superposing the sounds of İstanbul’s ferry ports on the video of a section from Lucerne people getting in a boat helps to see one city from the other’s eyes.

I recorded the Lucerne video at the boat port which is the first step of the Golden Round Trip to Mount Pilatus. The Golden Round Trip takes you to the most spectacular spots on the Pilatus and to the summit by boat, cogwheel railway, aerial cableway, and Panorama Gondolas. And I recorded the sounds of İstanbul from two ferry ports: the announcement is from Beşiktaş Dentur İskelesi, and the “akbil” sounds are from Karaköy İskelesi.