Günce / İskeleler

18 June 2021, Dilara:

Lucerne is full of piers in different scales extending to the water all around the city. These piers are not only for boats or ships, they are also potential surfaces for people to sit on as well. 

Based on my observations so far, I can say that the use of water in Lucerne is much more individualized compared to Istanbul. To swim in, to have fun with it, to take the advantage of the flow for reaching somewhere, to sit on a surface which is surrounded by water, or to be in the water with your own boat or surfboard etc. These piers which are like extending arms to the water, are quite important for constructing these various relationship with water.

If these piers had found themselves in the waters of Karaköy just across the historical peninsula, I'm sure they would have hosted many Istanbulites.

İstanbul and Lucerne photos were taken by Dilara.