Günce / Vapurdan Manzara



19 June 2021, Dilara:

The mountains surrounding Lake Lucerne compose a strong background no matter which waterfront you look at. Pilatus, Rigi, Bürgenstock, Dietschiberg, Rooterberg, Mittaggüpfi, Sonnenberg, Stanserhorn, Fronalpstock, Niederbauen-chulm, Bupchserhorn, Urmiberg, Tomlishorn, Lopper, Oberbauen, Brisen, Gitschen, Rophaien, Klimsenhom are only some them. It is a very fundamental part of the panorama, perhaps even one of the most prominent elements that remains in memory. Especially when you get on a boat traveling on the lake, it is a very unique experience to see the different faces of the mountains throughout the journey. It would be interesting to imagine Istanbul with mountains. Beautiful large mountains along behind the historical peninsula silhouette. Then, being in a “vapur” would be more exciting I guess.

And the video collage above is trying to imagine a vapur journey with a cheerful announce from Lucerne’s boats.

İstanbul photos were taken by Eda, and Lucerne photos by Dilara.